Drone Video Solutions, LLC is based out of Appleton, Wisconsin. Im a videographer and love the creative process of shooting and editing video. There's an intimate link between you and your customers and I understand that relationship. I believe your customers want to see more of who you are. You could show them a picture of that sweet, delicious treat you make but what if in 30 seconds they could see it being made and consumed by someone? I promise you, they will want it! You will engage them and not just sell to them. We all advertise on social media because that's how business is done now! Using different cameras including aerial and underwater, let me use video to place your brand in front of more people. 



   My name is Travis and I had a long career in aviation. Aviation isn't something I ever really loved but I made it as fun as I could. I realized very early in my career that it wasn't airplanes that I loved it was the team of people I worked with and the customers. It was those relationships that allowed me to fight through 26 years in a career that gave me no personal satisfaction. I did know this, my favorite part of what I did was customer service. Going above and beyond for my customers and that's what was important to me. About the time Covid hit, I prayed and said "God, I need to get out of here because I know this is not where I belong!" The company I worked for had a reduction in force and I was one of the people let go. I was done, and I knew it was God who got me out. 

   That's when I took an already existing business and turned it into DVS Productions. So, now I get to work with customers and do something I love. I love meeting with people and putting our heads together and coming up with something that will make them proud to show and most importantly connect with their customers. 

   You may ask why is this dude telling me all this? I spill my heart because I think it's important to know who you are working with. Who you are placing your trust in to share in this relationship between you and your customers. That's why! We are all building businesses so might as well go with someone who understands what's important. PEOPLE! - Travis


Drone Video Solutions, LLC

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