Travis Stadler



   As we page through Facebook or our favorite social media site we all see page after page of photos businesses post to help draw customers in. We even see these companies posting shaky mobile phone videos with horrible audio. In some cases these are ok if you need a quick message sent out or want to connect with your customers and make it feel more personal. That kind of customer contact has its place for sure but there are many times that a higher quality video with clean audio would bring you more attention. One of those times that always comes to me first is food. You that know me probably know I have to stay away from all that good stuff (some of the time) but If im scrolling thought Facebook and see a video of a company making candy, bakery or pizza I WILL stop every time to watch. I want to see how its made. Also, why do yo think that all these food shows people like are so popular? Why do they show someone eating that food at the end, close up and you can hear it all? Is it just me or does it make you want to go get your own? Yeah, Im not the only one! I see a lot of pictures on the internet from local restaurants showing something from the menu and that's great and will draw people in but how many more will come in if they can watch it being made? If you own a restaurant, food truck, bakery or coffee shop and next time you want to feature a menu item think about having DVS put together a short video for you to bring in those customers that didn't even know they were hungry. I can do some close up slow motion detailed shots with clear audio and music. I can work with any budget and make it as simple or complex as you want. I can also do a profile video showing the entire business so your new customers will know everything about you before they get there. Give me a call for a no obligation quote and we can do packages also for several videos per month.