Are you selling your current home, purchasing a new one or building your dream home? Do you own land or a farm? I can provide you with aerial photos/ videos from many different angles. Viewing a property from the air really displays it's location, surroundings and all the hard work you put into the landscape. I can document your home being built, from vacant lot to completion so you'll always remember the process. I can show your golf course, ski hill, hotel/resort or any business so your customers can get a feel for what you have to offer. Real estate agents, I can give you a video of your listing with drones and handheld cameras on a gimbal to have a video walk though of your new listing. Call me with any questions you have and let me provide you with beautiful pictures/ video of your home or business. 


Drones can help with inspection of many different structures such as water towers, cell towers, buildings and much more. I can take photos of your roof and with those photos measure square footage for roofing projects or inspection purposes. If you have something you would like to inspect or have documented. Contact me and I can show you how I can help.

truss and roof-2.jpg

Construction projects big or small can benefit from the use of drones. Drones can take many photos of the area and can be stitched together forming a "Google Map" of sorts but much more detailed and in real time. If you want me to document the project I can be there for whatever construction milestones are important to you. Pictures and videos can be taken documenting the building progress. A final video can be made showing the entire project start to finish and be used to show your potential clients. If you have a project of any size let us document it for you.



Advertising for a business can be expensive but it doesn't have to be. Many businesses now use social media to communicate with their customers and potential customers but use mobile phones to shoot their video. Let me shoot your next project and put together a professional video you can be proud of and help sell your business. I can put together any length video you need from a website intro to a complete tour of your business. Maybe you have a YouTube channel you want to utilize but dont have the equipment, time or editing skills to do so. Thats where DVS can help. Get in touch with me anytime and let me show you how to engage with your customers and keep them coming back.